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Get to Know: Three New Brightonians

by on 8.26.2014 posted in Company News

Some seriously cool individuals have joined the agency throughout the summer! Take some time to read the Q&A’s with Barber, Nate and Chris.

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A Marketing Lesson from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by on 8.20.2014 posted in Promotions, Trends + Surveys

Social media is often – and appropriately – condoned for nourishing negative or empty content messaging. However, this summer, the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association collected an astronomical amount of donations by utilizing social media to launch the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ALS Association reported that they have raised over $15 million compared to last year’s slightly $1 million during the same period—there are also over 300,000 new donors. Most likely, 75 percent of your Facebook newsfeed is currently ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

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The Internship: Summer 2014 Edition

by on 8.6.2014 posted in Development

From June 2 to August 8, Madison, Kati, Britni, Paige and Reigan joined the Brighton internship program. Midway through the summer, we were joined by a sixth intern, Kim.

Along with emptying out Sue O.’s candy drawer, offering up an abundance of “Would you Rather…” jokes, and mastering our X-Acto knife skills through a unique client project, we were given the opportunity to hone our technical and communicative skills and participate in very real projects.
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Get to Know: Kim Gorsek

by on 7.22.2014 posted in Company News

We are excited to welcome Kim Gorsek to Brighton. A few of our summer interns are heading back to school in the fall, and now Kim joins our intern team with several years of work experience. If you haven’t met Kim yet,  read her Q&A then go introduce yourself!

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Get to Know: Tom, Steve and Terri

by on 6.24.2014 posted in Company News

Summer just officially begun–but it’s already been a busy season here at Brighton. We’ve recently welcomed three new Brightonians, each contributing to different teams at the agency. Take a moment to get to know Tom, Steve and Terri… read more

Thinking Beyond the Agency

by on 6.17.2014 posted in Development

Young professionals are continuously reminded of the importance of getting involved in the community, networking and challenging ourselves to spend time outside of the office, to build on our industry knowledge. But after a long work day, making the time to dive further into the industry we’ve spent 8, 10, 12 hours engrossed in can be challenging. We sometimes need an extra push to remind us of the importance of making that time. That is where Leadership Clayton helped me take the time to expand on my knowledge and drive, both personally and professionally.

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Meet the 2014 Summer Interns – Part Two

by on 6.12.2014 posted in Company News

Earlier this week, we introduced you to three of Brighton’s summer interns. Today, we present the two remaining interns that make up our 2014 group. Please welcome Madison and Britni!

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Meet the 2014 Summer Interns

by on 6.10.2014 posted in Company News

It’s summertime… and that means that our summer interns have arrived! We have a great group, coming to Brighton from different universities and from around the country. We can’t wait to introduce these individuals to the agency, the clients and a busy summer!

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Get to Know: Nancy Long

by on 5.27.2014 posted in Company News

We’re pleased to announce that a new Brightonian has joined the Pet Team. Nancy comes to us with a wealth of experience, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to Brighton and the agency life!

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