Facebook Changes and What They Mean for You

by on 4.29.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing, Marketing Consulting

Whether or not you’re on Facebook, considering opening an account, or totally opposed to the number one social networking site, I’m sure most of you have at least heard about the recent changes the platform has made. And if not, no worries, I’ll fill you in now. read more

Landing an Internship Series: Part 4- Know What is Expected

by on 4.22.2010 posted in Marketing Consulting, Public Relations

Just as important as landing the internship is making the most of it. Before your first day, it’s a good idea to touch base with your recruiter or hiring manager to find out more information about what is expected. E-mail usually works best and allows the contact to follow up with direct answers at his or her convenience. read more

From reporter to agency strategist, maintaining industry contacts provides edge

by on 4.15.2010 posted in Advertising, Brand Development, Interactive Marketing

Back in the day, as a young cub reporter for a daily newspaper, one of the first lessons I learned was the value of having reliable contacts. I’d spend at least some time each day talking with the mayor’s secretary, the deputies at the jail, the police dispatchers. It was usually just friendly conversations about the job, family, politics and the like, but establishing that bond and trust led to more than one call about breaking news, an important arrest, or a development that gave me an edge over competing media. My sources knew and understood my motives, and also knew that the information they shared would be treated confidentially and professionally. read more

Call Me Old-Fashioned…

by on 4.8.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

As an online marketing intern at Brighton agency, I sometimes feel my weeks are split half-and-half between the “real world” of working at an agency, and the “not-so-real world” of being a college senior.  Though the transition between roles has proved pretty painless, there have been a few times when I’ve experienced a bit of a “clash” between the two schools of thought… read more

Landing an Internship Series: Part 3 – The Interview

by on 4.6.2010 posted in Company News, Public Relations

Your attention to detail and dedication to the proper follow up worked. You landed the big interview. Now make sure to put your best foot forward.

You know to practice with mock interviews, bring extra copies of your resume, and put on an enthusiastic smile. But here are few other pointers that might make a big impact on your outcome. read more

Landing an Internship Series: Part 2 – The Follow Up

by on 4.1.2010 posted in Company News, Public Relations

So you took my advice, cleaned up that resume, tweaked your cover letter, proofed, proofed again, and applied to dozens of agencies. Now you can sit back and wait for the calls to flood in.

What? You haven’t been getting calls from every agency in town? Then it is time for the follow up. A properly executed follow up can go a long way to getting your resume to the top of the stack or at the very least, given one more look. read more