RFPs: Respond With What’s Correct, Not Just What’s Expected

by on 1.25.2011 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

Marketing is cyclical, and that will probably never change. Depending on your location, the time of each cycle may be different, but at some point in every large market, every agency and client partnership goes through the same process: A client realizes how much they are paying agencies, thinks it’s too much, and decides to take things elsewhere. read more

A Day in the Life of a Junior Art Director

by on 1.13.2011 posted in Company News, Creative

Every day it’s something different, and it seems like every week I’m learning something new.

As a Junior Art Director, it is my job, along with our wide-ranging creative team, to concept and design advertisements, banners and other promotional materials for our clients. Every new project begins with a creative strategy session to ensure our design objectives align with the client’s needs and goals. As a visual thinker, I typically turn to pen and paper for my initial concepting. Once I have a strategically sound plan, I begin the project design. read more

What does 2011 have in store… for the pet industry?

by on 1.5.2011 posted in Strategic Planning, Trends + Surveys

At Brighton, it’s our business to know our clients’ businesses. Having multiple clients in the pet market, we must always have our finger on the pulse of this ever-growing and exciting industry. read more