A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

by on 3.22.2011 posted in Company News

Do you like puzzles? Working with all those little cardboard pieces, trying to figure out how they connect to create that big picture. That’s kind of like my job. I manage all the pieces and in the end create a finished product, one that the client is happy with, as well as Brighton. read more

Cutting Through The Clutter

by on 3.15.2011 posted in Advertising, Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

Sorting through mail at home is not a fun task. The amount of junk always outweighs what I actually want to receive, so I attempt to get through this chore as quickly as possible. Each piece of promotional mail probably receives about two seconds of my attention before landing in the trash, and it’s unlikely that any will make it into the “keep” pile. read more