The Rules of Engagement

by on 6.28.2011 posted in Brand Development, Interactive Marketing

While it’s important to note the number of new Facebook fans a company’s Fan Page garners each week, this metric is not the most important indicator of social media success. Instead of focusing on increasing fan volume, companies should work towards fostering fan engagement.

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Update: Motherly or Hungry … Hungry It Is!

by on 6.21.2011 posted in Trends + Surveys

On Friday, you may or may not have seen our blog post on the recent viral video, “Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo,” where the question to whether or not the lioness was really hungry, or instead motherly was posed. In case you missed the post, you can still view it here. read more

Motherly or Hungry?

by on 6.17.2011 posted in Trends + Surveys

We admit it.  Here at Brighton, we find viral videos fascinating – be it the humor, the outrageousness, or just the ways viral videos grow. But this one gave us pause (paws).  There’s some spirited debate in the agency as to whether or not the lioness in the video below is actually hungry, or perhaps displaying her maternal instincts?

We’re deadlocked, so we’re asking your help.  Is the lioness in the video motherly or hungry?

The Five Most Updated and Engaging Blogs to Follow for the Social Media (Tech) “Geek”

by on 6.14.2011 posted in Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Shower? Sip your freshly brewed coffee? For some of us “tech geeks” it might be checking personal email and Twitter or reading the newest blogs. I can speak for a number of us when I say we want to be the first to know it all. Knowing who to turn to as the most trusted news source in the tech world is top priority. In today’s workplace, we rarely have time to spend hours reading the news. Whether you are looking for insight into the latest social media metrics or just want to learn about Facebook’s new Share button, you won’t miss anything reading these blogs. read more

Breaking News – It’s a Social Kind of Thing

by on 6.8.2011 posted in Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

Unless you’re either without a TV, the Internet, or you’re living under a rock, you may have heard a few weeks ago that Osama bin Laden was killed. However, did you know that Twitter is where the news first broke? read more