A Day in the Life of a Media Specialist

by on 7.26.2011 posted in Advertising, Company News

As Brighton’s media specialist, I plan and purchase traditional media and interactive banners. I act as an agent for our clients, dealing with media representatives. I plan out the best course of action, negotiate costs, and look at quantity and scheduling for media purchases. I consistently communicate with our clients, account executives and creative department to recommend media direction and strategy.

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Google+…hidden features and what you might be missing

by on 7.19.2011 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Each morning I open my email to find numerous new blog posts covering the most up-to-date and sometimes shocking Google+ news. From Google+ hitting its first major bug to the surprising future plans of this social network, the interactive industry seems to be all about this new trend. Be prepared, the uproar is not over yet. The most important question we should be asking is what does Google+ have to offer me? Some of you may just be thinking: I use Facebook and rarely have time to tweet, so why do I need a Google+ account?

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Ovation on the Rise—Hear the Buzz

by on 7.15.2011 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

If you caught our “Motherly or Hungry” post a couple weeks ago, you may have been curious as to what that interesting tool really was and, most of all, where did it come from?

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A Day in the Life of a Web Designer

by on 7.12.2011 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because of a goal they want to reach, other times it’s for a change of direction. No matter the case, we tend to approach projects the same way: we view them as problems that need solving.

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