Turning Advertising on its Head

by on 11.29.2011 posted in Advertising, Company News

I am running two minutes late to a meeting, an art director is drawing animal shapes on my already crowded white board, my lunch just exploded in the microwave, my phone is ringing and I’m in the middle of writing an email that should have gone out yesterday. Welcome to advertising and marketing.

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The Importance of Creative Execution

by on 11.22.2011 posted in Company News, Creative

Solid strategy can take a brand only so far. It’s how you execute that strategy that will make the difference in the end. After all, customers don’t see a strategy, per se. They see the results of how a strategy is communicated, whether it’s in the form of an ad, collateral, a commercial, a direct mail piece, or a website. read more

Making an Agency Meeting a Walk in the Park

by on 11.15.2011 posted in Company News

There we were…it was the middle of October and the weather was 80 degrees and gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to escape the office for a couple of hours and enjoy the beautiful fall day? But with all of the work on our plates, who has time to enjoy the great outdoors? Maybe it’s time to find a reason to take work outside!

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Why Won’t Twitter Go Away?

by on 11.8.2011 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Why won’t Twitter go away? I have a username, I follow 22 people, and 18 people follow me. I’m not sure who the four holdouts are, but if I actually spent the time to cross-reference and figure it out I would probably unfollow them, and de-friend them on Facebook.  read more

My Breakthrough into the Marketing Field

by on 11.1.2011 posted in Company News

My name is Heather Bowman, and I’m a Senior Account Manager at Brighton. I’ve been in the marketing and advertising industry for close to 14 years, but for much of that time my primary focus was experiential marketing. I entered the experiential marketing field as a sophomore in college when I became a field representative for KBA Marketing, now named DraftFCB. I thought it was the “coolest” job—ever. My job entailed going to bars, concerts and large events to distribute promo materials and products, and I was getting paid for it.

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