Life Beyond the Columns: An Intern’s First Steps

by on 6.26.2012 posted in Company News

For anyone who’s a Mizzou Alumni, I’m sure you’re familiar with Mizzou’s column walking tradition.  The Tiger Walk happens when you’re a freshman, new to the college experience. You line up on the quad with your best friends and walk through the columns toward Jesse Hall symbolizing your entrance into the university.  Fast forward four years and you participate in the Tiger Prowl.  As a senior, you line up at the steps of Jesse Hall and walk toward Downtown Columbia, away from Mizzou, symbolizing your entrance into the real world (plus they give you a beer).  read more

How To: Spiff Up Your Blog with a Video

by on 6.19.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

The Brighton online marketing team spends a great deal of time researching the best ways to blog. Our goal is to keep you, our audience, intrigued with the content we have to offer. So, we came up with something new. read more

Meet Steve Cox: Brighton’s Own Mad Man

by on 6.12.2012 posted in Company News

As our creative business expands, so does the mix of characters who roam the halls of Brighton. Today we introduce you to our very own self-proclaimed “Mad Man,” Steve Cox. read more

“Glory Days” Revisited

by on 6.5.2012 posted in Company News

One of the many benefits of working at a marketing agency is that we often have the opportunity to have fun in less traditional ways than employees would at a more straight-laced business. read more

How To Maneuver New bitly

by on 6.1.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

It’s Tuesday after a nice, long Memorial Day weekend and you’re back to work. Logging into your bitly account you notice—wait for it—that the old bitly you’ve become accustomed to has changed. Gasp. read more