What You Should Know About Facebook’s Sponsored Results

by on 8.28.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Last Wednesday, Facebook began rolling out Sponsored Results, letting marketers target users searching for specific apps, Pages and Places and inserting a link that points to their own respectable app, Page or tab. read more

Pet Care Adds New Team Members

by on 8.21.2012 posted in Company News

As a result of expanding client roles, Brighton’s Pet Care team continues to grow with the addition of two new team members! This week we introduce you to Jill Clarkson, Account Manager, and Rashida Nebbit, Assistant Account Executive. Read on to learn more about Jill and Rashida and their roles at the agency. read more

Clicks and Conversions: Measuring Success in Search Marketing

by on 8.14.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

Metrics and return on investment are two of the most common topics of conversation in marketing these days, particularly when discussing online marketing. Because every click can be tracked, we are led to believe that we can analyze and optimize our campaigns into the perfect marketing engine. But like most perpetual motion machines, the reality is much murkier. read more

Back to School? Events are waiting for you here in St. Louis

by on 8.7.2012 posted in Company News

From happy hours to educational marketing events, this list is sure to keep you busy throughout the month of August. I know some of us at Brighton would enjoy attending these as well! Take a look and book your schedules. No days (or nights) of boredom in your future! read more