Twitter Hashtags – What you Need to Know

by on 9.25.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Outside of and around the office, I often get asked about Twitter hashtags. Who knew the ‘#’ symbol could cause so much confusion.

To clear up any misunderstanding, I’ve answered some of the most common questions asked about hashtags. read more

Driving In-Store Traffic with Paid Search Advertising

by on 9.18.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Recent studies are increasingly showing a link between the number of consumers who click on paid search ads to get product information, and those who buy the item at a brick-and-mortar store. This growing trend is a relatively inexpensive way that your business can use online tools to drive in-store traffic, while measuring the ROI of your efforts. read more

eBay rebrands and says goodbye to history

by on 9.14.2012 posted in Advertising, Brand Development, Creative

First things first, the main course, eBay’s new logo: read more

Leaving the Stage Fright Behind

by on 9.11.2012 posted in Company News, Public Relations

I have a confession to make. I love being on TV. I think it is great when friends call to tell me they saw me on the local news promoting an upcoming event or providing an interview for a special interest story. And if I’m being honest, it sort of bums me out when I go to the grocery store and no one recognizes me. (That has actually never happened, but it would be so cool if it did!) read more

Cereal Marketers Race for Global Bowl Domination

by on 9.4.2012 posted in Advertising, Company News

For most people that know me, they know I am an avid cereal eater. At any given time, I have around eight to ten cereal boxes in my pantry. I like to keep a nice selection on hand at any time, because you never know when you will want Fruit Loops or Special K! read more