Sandy Gets Social: How the World Wide Web has responded to Hurricane Sandy

by on 10.30.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

While following Hurricane Sandy, I’ve kept an eye on all things social surrounding the Superstorm. Below you’ll see some helpful, and some not so helpful, happenings that have received attention in past 24 hours. read more

Interactive Inducts New Team Member

by on 10.26.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

We’re pretty tightfisted about our interactive team here at Brighton, but low and behold, we welcomed a new member to the team. Between Rob and Robb, Dave and David, and our two Lizzy’s, we now have two Gennaria’s. Yes, brothers. They’re a notable pair. Get to know Ben Gennaria! read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Landing Your First Job…In Advertising

by on 10.16.2012 posted in Advertising, Company News

For anyone who read my first blog post, you’d know that my journey at Brighton started as an intern.  Similar to a handful of other Brightonians around the office, I came on board a mere three weeks after walking across a stage in front of my friends and family to receive the thing I’d worked so hard for…an empty degree case! (They don’t tell you until you get there that your actual degree comes in the mail months and months later!) Since writing my first blog post three weeks into my internship, I’ve been hired on as a fulltime Brightonian, an accomplishment I’m still in shock of achieving.  read more

Just Another Social Media Infographic? Well, Sort Of…

by on 10.9.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

While thousands of new infographics pop up daily, this morning I came across what I thought was just another social media infographic. Don’t get me wrong, most infographics seem to have great facts and figures, but this one was a little different. read more

Meet Our Newest Brightonians

by on 10.2.2012 posted in Company News

Here at Brighton, we enjoy showing off our newest team members. Within the last couple weeks we’ve had a few great additions! Get to know Gary, Jenn and Phillip… read more