Andi Garavaglia


Andi Garavaglia
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Account Management - Pet Care

Andi serves as an assistant to the Natura Pet Products team. In this role she collaborates with client, creative, web, sales and public relations teams to ensure that all ongoing projects are running smoothly.

Fun Fact: "My only other full time job was playing goalkeeper in a D1 soccer program. I’ve gotten a lot less bruises here at Brighton!"

The Importance of Being on Top

by on 5.22.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

As a child of the internet generation, I could probably be granted an honorary PhD in website usage. A good portion of my life has been spent among the thousands of unmemorable websites available in boundless cyberspace. Yet, throughout all of this browsing, I did not contemplate the amount of labor it takes to get those flashy sites up and running. While working in account management, Brighton has exposed me to this process, and it really isn’t as easy as it…“clicks.” read more

Brighton Colors My Life

by on 1.10.2012 posted in Company News

’Tis the Season. As I peered out my car windows, I saw shops adorned in red and green, lampposts draped with gleaming lights and a landscape I wish was blanketed in white. These hues served as reminders that I was behind on my Christmas shopping, that eggnog should be added to the grocery list and that radio stations had most likely devoted air time to nothing but carols. Theoretically, color is nothing more than my brain’s delineation of various light wavelengths; realistically, though, its interpretation extends far beyond the occipital lobe’s borders. Color has the power to define a season, to influence decisions and even to alter mood; to color a picture is to assign its personality. read more