Becky Krueger

Becky Krueger

Becky Krueger
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Public Relations - Pet Care

Becky is the public relations representative for Brighton's pet industry and consumer packaged goods clients. She develops the public relations campaigns, identifies and pitches to the target media outlets and contacts as well as online influencers to secure editorial placement.

Fun Fact: "I did an apprenticeship in Madison, Wisconsin where I learned how to give dog behavior evaluations then create behavior modification programs based on the results."

Twitter: @Becky_Krueger

Social Media in the Music City

by on 11.13.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

If you haven’t seen ABC’s new drama Nashville, you are missing out.  The show stars Connie Britton (Spin City, Friday Night Lights), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Scream 4) and a slew of incredibly talented actors and musicians.  And just like the city itself, Nashville features more than just country music. read more

Leaving the Stage Fright Behind

by on 9.11.2012 posted in Company News, Public Relations

I have a confession to make. I love being on TV. I think it is great when friends call to tell me they saw me on the local news promoting an upcoming event or providing an interview for a special interest story. And if I’m being honest, it sort of bums me out when I go to the grocery store and no one recognizes me. (That has actually never happened, but it would be so cool if it did!) read more

You CAN Have It All …With a few Steps along the Way

by on 7.31.2012 posted in Company News

Growing up, I never questioned the idea that I could have it all – a satisfying career, a wonderful family and a gigantic closet full of clothes.   It wasn’t until I had most of those things (I’m still waiting for the gigantic closet), that I realized how difficult it is to stay sane! read more