David Molho

David Molho

Super Bowl XLVIII Ads: A Round-Up of the Best and Worst

by on 2.3.2014 posted in Advertising, Creative, Trends + Surveys

I think this was the year that Super Bowl ads jumped the shark. We finally saw spots that just didn’t live up to the hype. Yes, there were good ones, a few very good ones and a lot of wastes of $4 million. Because most of these spots either didn’t understand what a platform of 100 million viewers could do for them, or were no better than any ordinary spot tucked into an episode of NCIS. If I’m right, we can use the commercial breaks next year to use the bathroom or get more food instead of missing the game for fear of missing a great spot.

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Super Bowl Ads of 2013 – Overall, Hit or Miss?

by on 2.12.2013 posted in Advertising, Trends + Surveys

Most people evaluate Super Bowl ads based on whether or not the ad made them laugh. Ad Age claims the intent of the advertiser is to delight you. But at a cost of five or six million dollars, once you add in production costs, these ads should do a little more than delight you. They ought to motivate you to DO something. Of course, the advertiser hopes that for all the money spent, you’ll be motivated to eventually buy the product.

Let’s evaluate the spots based on what you think your cube-mate would do after seeing one of these ads. read more