Heidi Miget

Heidi Miget
From: Oswego, IL

Brighton Department: Interactive

Heidi manages Brighton's online marketing team which includes Email, PPC, SEO and Social Media services. She helps Brighton's client partners to strategically decide the right mix of online marketing services by providing customized strategies for each unique marketing challenge.

Fun Fact: " I ran a Rent-a-Stork business in high school - I delivered and installed 6 foot tall storks in new parents' yards!"

Twitter: @Heidi22

Do Your Email Subject Lines Follow These 5 Best Practices?

by on 12.10.2013 posted in Advertising, Promotions, Trends + Surveys

Cyber Monday has come and gone and my inbox (and wallet) are trying to recover. I have a love/hate relationship with this “holiday.” On one hand, what’s better than an amazing bargain from the comfort of your home? On the other hand, I have to resist temptation from the hundreds of promotional emails with “THE BEST SALE OF THE YEAR” that shout at me from my inbox.

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The Brighton Thanksgiving Meal Showdown

by on 11.27.2013 posted in Company News, Trends + Surveys

If you spend just a few minutes on the Brighton Facebook page, it’s pretty clear Brightonians enjoy  love food. We find any reason we can to bring in baked goods, buffalo chicken dip, chili, hot dogs- you name it. In fact, we already celebrated our own “Brightgiving” feast this week (yum!). read more

St. Louis Organizations and Networking Events

by on 7.16.2013 posted in Advertising

When I moved to St. Louis to start my career after college, becoming involved with local organizations and attending networking events was a great way to meet new people –some of which are now good friends.

Throughout the city, there are several organizations and networking events for marketing and advertising professionals.

Whether you’ve recently moved to St. Louis, grew up in the city or have been in the area for several years, the following list of area organizations and networking events aim to help all of the above. read more

Testing: Are You Paying Attention?

by on 3.20.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Within a few hours of turning on my computer each day, I have checked about 100 emails from two accounts, logged into Facebook and Twitter, sifted through a few search results and have read some news articles and blogs. Within seconds I’m making decisions to open/delete, click/not click, share/not share or read/ignore. Sound familiar? read more

Google’s Expanded Sitelinks: Good or Bad Update?

by on 9.13.2011 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

In mid-August, Google made a significant update to their search engine results pages (SERPs) when they introduced expanded sitelinks. Previously, sitelinks were a list of popular pages found within that website – a helpful display which allowed the user to get to a particular site destination more quickly.

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Cutting Through The Clutter

by on 3.15.2011 posted in Advertising, Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

Sorting through mail at home is not a fun task. The amount of junk always outweighs what I actually want to receive, so I attempt to get through this chore as quickly as possible. Each piece of promotional mail probably receives about two seconds of my attention before landing in the trash, and it’s unlikely that any will make it into the “keep” pile. read more

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

by on 5.13.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing, Marketing Consulting

Email Marketing…I will be the first to admit it may not sound as exciting to talk about as Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare but give me a few minutes and I’ll explain why I think it should be. read more

Social Media – Not Always the Answer?

by on 2.2.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing, Marketing Consulting

As the Online Marketing Manager here, I spend my days talking, reading, teaching and applying social media strategies to our client work on a daily basis.  This, of course, means I am a huge advocate and believer of this powerful medium.  I will say most of the time it does seem to be the answer for the clients we work with in some capacity.  Now, of course when I say “answer” I don’t mean a magical solution to all problems where all other marketing campaigns can disappear, but more of an extension that supports various marketing efforts and creates a voice for a brand online.

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SEM? PPC? SEO? What does it all mean and why should I care?

by on 12.21.2009 posted in Interactive Marketing

With some of the fastest growing advertising real estate, the Web has become the new outlet for marketers and advertisers to reach target audiences and drive measurable results. But if you’re not in the business everyday, Internet marketing can be a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms. read more