Jerry Gennaria

Jerry Gennaria

Jerry Gennaria
From: Born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Kentucky

Brighton Department: Interactive

Jerry currently leads Brighton's interactive team and serves as the agency's senior digital strategist.

Fun Fact: "I collect mid-century modern technology (typewriters, radios, etc) and vintage computers."

Twitter: @gennaria

What Do You Get for $19 Billion?

by on 3.11.2014 posted in Brand Development, Trends + Surveys

As most of you have heard by now, Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, for $16 billion, plus another $3 billion in retention bonuses. At lunch recently, a few of us talked about why Facebook might spend this kind of money on an app that many of you may not have heard of before the acquisition. The answer to that is both simple and complex.

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Back to the Good Ole Days™

by on 5.28.2013 posted in Interactive Marketing

A couple of weeks ago news of Amy’s Baking Company, a Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant, broke as the owners showed the world what not to do when it comes to social media. read more

Clicks and Conversions: Measuring Success in Search Marketing

by on 8.14.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

Metrics and return on investment are two of the most common topics of conversation in marketing these days, particularly when discussing online marketing. Because every click can be tracked, we are led to believe that we can analyze and optimize our campaigns into the perfect marketing engine. But like most perpetual motion machines, the reality is much murkier. read more