Julian Kussman

Julian Kussman

Julian Kussman
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Interactive

Julian is an Interactive Art Director, tasked with conceptualizing all forms of interactive projects for our clients. These range from full websites, to micro-sites, and Facebook customizations.

Fun Fact: "I rarely eat potato chips."

eBay rebrands and says goodbye to history

by on 9.14.2012 posted in Advertising, Brand Development, Creative

First things first, the main course, eBay’s new logo: read more

Community Building from the Ground Up

by on 12.27.2011 posted in Company News

Have you ever given to a charity and wondered where each of your dollars was spent, or even where just some of it was spent? Giving back can give you a great feeling but it can be diminished when you can’t see the impact of your gift. However, there is something you can give that is immediately rewarding–your time. read more

Five well-designed sites

by on 8.16.2011 posted in Advertising, Creative, Interactive Marketing

Here’s a quick look at what’s been inspiring me lately. These sites each show a great use of design, style, typography, and technology. Check them out:

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