Kelly Strecker

Kelly Strecker
From: Arnold, MO

Brighton Department: Account Management - Growth Markets

Kelly is the Account Coordinator for Deltapine and Seminis. She works to facilate projects from start to finish which includes creating estimates, schedules, working with creative/interactive departments, managing client expectations and in the end, delivering the final product to the client.

Fun Fact: "I have torn my ACL twice - separate knees."

Twitter: @kstreck12

Help I Have the Flu – New App Helps Identify Flu Carriers

by on 1.8.2013 posted in Interactive Marketing

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Help Remedies, an over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare company dedicated to providing consumers with basic medications, and Tool of North American have developed an app for Facebook. Help I Have the Flu analyzes your friends through their keywords, posts and check-ins to determine who could be the flu culprit. Once you have this vital piece of information, you can track them down to let them know the damage they have or might bestowed on you. This app also allows you to message the friend directly and send them your thoughts! (If I find out a friend gave me the flu, my message might not be so “friendly…”) read more

Cereal Marketers Race for Global Bowl Domination

by on 9.4.2012 posted in Advertising, Company News

For most people that know me, they know I am an avid cereal eater. At any given time, I have around eight to ten cereal boxes in my pantry. I like to keep a nice selection on hand at any time, because you never know when you will want Fruit Loops or Special K! read more

Seven Tips for Recent College Graduates

by on 5.17.2011 posted in Company News, Trends + Surveys

Standing out in the sea of recent graduates isn’t impossible. There are a number of things you can do to help propel yourself ahead of the crowd. Being a recent college graduate from Webster University, I used a lot of these when job searching. Here are some tips to help get you noticed! read more