Leanne Watkins

Leanne Watkins

Leanne Watkins
From: Shelbina, MO

Brighton Department: Ag

As a Senior Account Manager, Leanne leads the agency team to develop actionable, comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies, for a variety of Monsanto Company initiatives.

Fun Fact: “I sang at Carnegie Hall with an elite choir at the age of 16.”

Cotton Has a New Anthem

by on 6.17.2013 posted in Advertising, Company News

Heroes. From actual superheroes, to teachers and parents, we all have at least one hero in our life.

As an Account Manager at Brighton, I have the opportunity to work with many heroes within the agriculture industry. While at times overlooked, farmers across the nation are some of the most generous heroes in the country. read more

Now THAT’s Crazy.

by on 2.26.2013 posted in Advertising

As professionals in the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes get wedged into jobs that aren’t necessarily our normal, everyday tasks. Would you ever guess, on a Thursday afternoon, that you’d turn the corner at Brighton to find a few of us cutting 5,000 balloon strings? We didn’t either, but we took on the task to get the job done. read more