Lizzy Martin

Lizzy Martin
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Interactive

As an Online Marketing Specialist, Lizzy works with the online marketing team on day-to-day projects managing PPC (pay-per-click) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns for various clients. Along with this role, she also works with Brighton's social media accounts and manages the company blog.

Fun Fact: "I'm addicted to shoes!"

What do you listen to at the office?

by on 5.7.2013 posted in Trends + Surveys

Music triggers memories and increases our ability to recall data… so why not encourage coworkers to listen to their favorite tunes? read more

New Pet Team Member

by on 4.23.2013 posted in Company News

Extending a big welcome to our newest Brightonian, Kelsey Ruthman. She’s bright-eyed and happy to be here! Read on to get to know Kelsey and what she does for us at Brighton. read more

We Have a New Guy Upstairs

by on 4.9.2013 posted in Company News

His name is Brad Gutting. The new Senior Art Director. We haven’t seen much of him… but I picked his brain for a few answers. Read on and get to know Brad! read more

If you can’t tell…

by on 3.5.2013 posted in Company News

Brighton is growing! And today we’re introducing two of our newest Brightonian’s. Matt and Travis are both young, aspiring men. Get to know each of them and the talents they bring to the agency! read more

A Warm Welcome to…

by on 2.19.2013 posted in Company News

After the big move, we welcomed a new talented Brightonian to the team. Alex Bates is a St. Louis native. Her love for the city is reflected in her personal blog, Get to know Alex and why she sparked our interest! read more

Re-marketing. Is it right for your brand?

by on 1.23.2013 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

I had a serious Jimmy John’s craving for lunch yesterday. Conveniently, the freaky fast sub shop has a simple online order form which allows me to get it done in 5 minutes, with no misunderstandings over the phone. Just one day later, while searching online and reading news articles, I realize I’m being tracked down by Jimmy John’s with online ads.  The sad thing is it was working. I was definitely the target audience because my mouth was, again, watering for the Turkey Tom sub and salt & vinegar chips. read more

New Year, New People!

by on 1.15.2013 posted in Company News

As we extended a warm welcome to 2013, we also began the new year by welcoming two new employees on our team. We’re happy to introduce Scott Hendry and Michelle Stone. read more

Welcome New Brightonians… Round Two!

by on 12.4.2012 posted in Company News

As you can see, we sure have a lot of new folks around the office. Today we’re extending a warm welcome to Carrie and Allison who are now on the Ag team at Brighton! These blog posts sure help us get to know everyone. Even while interviewing the two women, I couldn’t stop myself from calling Allison, Carrie and Carrie, Allison. Sorry ladies,  I guess the red versus blonde hair wasn’t enough of a difference!  …Read on and get to know the lovely Carrie and Allison. read more

Welcome New Brightonians!

by on 11.27.2012 posted in Company News

Today’s blog post is dedicated to extending a BIG welcome to our newest Brightonians! Read on and meet our awesome new team members. read more

Sandy Gets Social: How the World Wide Web has responded to Hurricane Sandy

by on 10.30.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

While following Hurricane Sandy, I’ve kept an eye on all things social surrounding the Superstorm. Below you’ll see some helpful, and some not so helpful, happenings that have received attention in past 24 hours. read more