Megan Kimball

Megan Kimball
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Account Management - Pet Care

Megan is the communications liaison between the creative team at Brighton and the client. She has a variety of responsibilities ranging from working with the sales team on field requests for original advertising to coordinating photography shoots to helping manage packaging design for new products.

Fun Fact: "I am a yoga maniac!"

Twitter: @mak7b6

Brighton Does Wellness in 2013!

by on 3.26.2013 posted in Company News

My favorite part of a new year is the feeling that anything is possible (because it is). But committing to resolutions and goals shouldn’t be something that comes up once a year and then fizzles out a month after the New Year. As part of Brighton Wellness, we are highlighting the personal goals of a few Brightonians to celebrate their efforts for self-improvement, and provide encouragement as they continue to work on their goals well after the New Year. read more

Don’t Cut Your Relationships Short

by on 1.31.2012 posted in Advertising, Company News

When you spot a trendy hair style, the first question you always want to ask is, “Who cuts your hair?” For years, I firmly held the quirky belief that no one hair stylist could give me the fresh, new look I wanted each time I went in for a trim. I soon developed what I call the “Kimball Hair Theory.” read more

Turning Advertising on its Head

by on 11.29.2011 posted in Advertising, Company News

I am running two minutes late to a meeting, an art director is drawing animal shapes on my already crowded white board, my lunch just exploded in the microwave, my phone is ringing and I’m in the middle of writing an email that should have gone out yesterday. Welcome to advertising and marketing.

read more

My First Week at Brighton

by on 12.29.2010 posted in Company News

During my first interview with President and CEO, Tina VonderHaar, I asked her what my day-to-day with Brighton would be like. Her response was, “I’m not sure. Working in advertising, every day will be different.”

Luckily, I had the chance of experiencing life at Brighton first-hand. Starting a new job is never easy. There are numerous things to learn, especially in a fast-paced environment like Brighton. Similar to many people starting a new job, I assumed the first couple days would be filled with mind-numbing paperwork and training. Not the case at Brighton. read more