Rashida Nebbitt

Rashida Nebbitt

Rashida Nebbitt
From: St. Louis, MO

Brighton Department: Account Management – Pet Care Team

Rashida serves as an assistant to the members of the Pet Care team. In this role she juggles coordinating projects, brainstorming new ideas, performing administrative duties, proofreading copy and being an overall stress reducer.

Fun Fact: “My useless talents include making awesome iPod playlists and dancing like no one’s watching. Soooo I guess if advertising doesn’t work out… call me DJ RashBeatz!”

Twitter Handle: @RashidaNebbitt

Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Ads?

by on 1.30.2014 posted in Advertising

Well it seems that 2014 is the year of the pre-release when it comes to our beloved Super Bowl ads. More and more companies have opted to not only pay the big bucks for the television spots to reach their viewers, but to pre-release their ads before Sunday’s game using social media.

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What I’ve learned from J.C. Penney

by on 4.16.2013 posted in Brand Development

It appears J.C. Penney has made its way into headlines once again. This time the retailer is in the news, not for its continually disappointing quarterly sales, but for firing CEO Ron Johnson. The company has opted to reinstate ex CEO Myron Ullman in an attempt to save face and hopefully gain some forward traction.  read more

J.C. Penney, the Comeback Kid?

by on 12.11.2012 posted in Advertising, Brand Development

With it being December and holiday shopping has commenced in full swing, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what’s going on with J.C. Penney, or as they have been rebranded jcp. You see, jcp’s rebrand is my perfect example of marketing gone wrong.  It’s an example of a CMO ignoring the research of what draws in customers in favor of a plan that doesn’t quite fit the brand.  read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Landing Your First Job…In Advertising

by on 10.16.2012 posted in Advertising, Company News

For anyone who read my first blog post, you’d know that my journey at Brighton started as an intern.  Similar to a handful of other Brightonians around the office, I came on board a mere three weeks after walking across a stage in front of my friends and family to receive the thing I’d worked so hard for…an empty degree case! (They don’t tell you until you get there that your actual degree comes in the mail months and months later!) Since writing my first blog post three weeks into my internship, I’ve been hired on as a fulltime Brightonian, an accomplishment I’m still in shock of achieving.  read more

Life Beyond the Columns: An Intern’s First Steps

by on 6.26.2012 posted in Company News

For anyone who’s a Mizzou Alumni, I’m sure you’re familiar with Mizzou’s column walking tradition.  The Tiger Walk happens when you’re a freshman, new to the college experience. You line up on the quad with your best friends and walk through the columns toward Jesse Hall symbolizing your entrance into the university.  Fast forward four years and you participate in the Tiger Prowl.  As a senior, you line up at the steps of Jesse Hall and walk toward Downtown Columbia, away from Mizzou, symbolizing your entrance into the real world (plus they give you a beer).  read more