Regina Serrambana

Regina Serrambana
From: Serra de Santo Antonio, Portugal

Brighton Department: Interactive

Regina works with front end Web development and HTML email production.

Fun Fact: "I have now lived in all 4 mainland US time zones (or 5, counting Arizona, where daylight savings time is NOT observed)."

I May Have Been Standing When I Typed This (My Standing Desk Experience)

by on 1.27.2014 posted in Promotions, Trends + Surveys

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician. You should definitely consult with yours about any health issues. This blog post is not intended as medical advice nor a product endorsement.

I decided one of my 2014 adventures would be to try a standing desk.

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Should technology adapt to users or vice-versa?

by on 5.1.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

Recently I was researching a car stereo technical problem. It’s worth noting that for me, listening to music ranks up there with breathing air, eating food, etc. This is why I originally installed a data gateway that allowed me to use my iPod in a factory car radio that was not iPod friendly. And this is why I was sifting through technical advice on how to fix the gateway when it suddenly stopped working. read more

Informational Emails: What FORM of E-mail Should You Send?

by on 2.11.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing

This question may not be top-of-mind when an organization quickly moves to email as a way of keeping in touch with their clients or membership. With growing concern over our environment and the economy applying increasing pressure to reduce business budgets, “E-news” is becoming a quick-fix for many organizations.  It is replacing conventionally-printed and mailed newsletters, updates and alerts at a fast-pace across all types of businesses.

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