Scott McClure

Scott McClure
From: Memphis, TN

Vice President of Agricultural Marketing and PR

Scott leads the Brighton Agency Agricultural Business and Public Relations teams.

Fun Fact: "My favorite food is corn bread, especially when it is made in a cast-iron skillet."

Twitter: @hscottmc

“I’ve got this big blob of stuff…”

by on 9.30.2014 posted in Strategic Planning

In farm magazines popular when I was a young editor, one of the most-read features was the recipe page, with its eye-catching photo of a mouth-watering, homemade dish, followed by detailed directions to achieve the culinary masterpiece. read more

Harvest Musings

by on 9.27.2011 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

I was sitting outside a few weeks ago when the temperatures were in the mid-70s, despite the calendar noting that we were in the ides of August. The mild weather reminded me that in only a few weeks farmers will begin earnestly gathering the fruits of their labor.

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It’s just a matter of perspective

by on 7.7.2010 posted in Marketing Consulting, Public Relations

I remember a sweltering summer day in Mississippi, when the merciless tag team of heat and humidity made playing in an agricultural client’s golf tournament a torturous effort. read more

From reporter to agency strategist, maintaining industry contacts provides edge

by on 4.15.2010 posted in Advertising, Brand Development, Interactive Marketing

Back in the day, as a young cub reporter for a daily newspaper, one of the first lessons I learned was the value of having reliable contacts. I’d spend at least some time each day talking with the mayor’s secretary, the deputies at the jail, the police dispatchers. It was usually just friendly conversations about the job, family, politics and the like, but establishing that bond and trust led to more than one call about breaking news, an important arrest, or a development that gave me an edge over competing media. My sources knew and understood my motives, and also knew that the information they shared would be treated confidentially and professionally. read more

Confessions of a FarmVille Junkie

by on 3.30.2010 posted in Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

My name is Scott and I am addicted to FarmVille. So is my wife (addicted to FarmVille, not named Scott too. That would be weird.)  So are many of my friends (same disclaimer as before).

How did we get hooked? I mean, we are all respected industry professionals with careers and family, with LIVES. But yet each evening, we rush home to see if our crops are ready to harvest, if we’ve received any gifts, or if our neighbors have helped by fertilizing our crops or feeding our chickens. read more

Celebrating National Ag Day

by on 3.15.2010 posted in Public Relations

With the approach of National Agriculture Day on March 20, 2010, the Brighton Agency, with its deep agricultural industry roots, believes it is important to celebrate the contributions of farming in our everyday lives.

Living in today’s modern urban landscape, it is easy to overlook that agriculture provides almost everything we eat and wear on a daily basis, and is increasingly contributing to fuel and other products.

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A New Season of Opportunities

by on 2.23.2010 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

Even with dots of snow stubbornly clinging to the lawn outside, the generally warmer temps and falling liquid rather than frozen precipitation today reminds me that another more pleasant season approaches. As someone who has worked with agriculture for almost 30 years, it’s a time of building excitement and anticipation. The slate from the previous season is wiped clean and new opportunities and challenges loom. What the season holds, no one knows. And that’s part of the allure. read more