All the World’s a Stage

by on 2.20.2014 posted in Advertising

As good old Billy Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” I’ve always had two loves in my life: advertising and theatre, and I’ve been fortunate that these two loves have become fulfilling by ways of a career and a hobby over the years. In my time as an assistant account executive here at Brighton, I’ve found my way onto the stage a few times, and I’m here to say, the wise words of Mr. Shakespeare ring true: Being assigned a project in an ad agency and scoring a coveted part in a play have the same principles and go through the same stages (pun intended).

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Super Bowl XLVIII Ads: A Round-Up of the Best and Worst

by on 2.3.2014 posted in Advertising, Creative, Trends + Surveys

I think this was the year that Super Bowl ads jumped the shark. We finally saw spots that just didn’t live up to the hype. Yes, there were good ones, a few very good ones and a lot of wastes of $4 million. Because most of these spots either didn’t understand what a platform of 100 million viewers could do for them, or were no better than any ordinary spot tucked into an episode of NCIS. If I’m right, we can use the commercial breaks next year to use the bathroom or get more food instead of missing the game for fear of missing a great spot.

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Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Ads?

by on 1.30.2014 posted in Advertising

Well it seems that 2014 is the year of the pre-release when it comes to our beloved Super Bowl ads. More and more companies have opted to not only pay the big bucks for the television spots to reach their viewers, but to pre-release their ads before Sunday’s game using social media.

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Do Your Email Subject Lines Follow These 5 Best Practices?

by on 12.10.2013 posted in Advertising, Promotions, Trends + Surveys

Cyber Monday has come and gone and my inbox (and wallet) are trying to recover. I have a love/hate relationship with this “holiday.” On one hand, what’s better than an amazing bargain from the comfort of your home? On the other hand, I have to resist temptation from the hundreds of promotional emails with “THE BEST SALE OF THE YEAR” that shout at me from my inbox.

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Under It All: Cotton

by on 9.10.2013 posted in Advertising, Brand Development

With football season underway, you’re likely to see lots of athletes wearing – and lots of TV commercials advertising – the very popular Under Armour® athletic apparel. But behind the brand is a success story worthy of Canton, Ohio.

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St. Louis Organizations and Networking Events

by on 7.16.2013 posted in Advertising

When I moved to St. Louis to start my career after college, becoming involved with local organizations and attending networking events was a great way to meet new people –some of which are now good friends.

Throughout the city, there are several organizations and networking events for marketing and advertising professionals.

Whether you’ve recently moved to St. Louis, grew up in the city or have been in the area for several years, the following list of area organizations and networking events aim to help all of the above. read more

Cotton Has a New Anthem

by on 6.17.2013 posted in Advertising, Company News

Heroes. From actual superheroes, to teachers and parents, we all have at least one hero in our life.

As an Account Manager at Brighton, I have the opportunity to work with many heroes within the agriculture industry. While at times overlooked, farmers across the nation are some of the most generous heroes in the country. read more

A Future in Agriculture

by on 6.4.2013 posted in Advertising

For a while, my parents were skeptical of my college major of choice: animal science with a minor in agriculture business. They were worried I wouldn’t find a job in my field, or at all. I was never worried. Maybe it was because I was hardheaded. Maybe it was because I knew my great-grandparents had made a living in the agriculture industry and, if they could do it, why couldn’t I? My father’s grandparents were row crop farmers in Kansas, and my mother’s grandparents were dairy and beef cattle farmers in Missouri. I had always longed to be more involved in agriculture after visiting them and getting a taste of farm life. I respected them; I respected their work ethic, their knowledge of their land and their passion to feed our nation. read more

Advertising is the art of persuasion. So is getting ultra-talented ad people to work for free.

by on 4.2.2013 posted in Advertising, Creative

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Now THAT’s Crazy.

by on 2.26.2013 posted in Advertising

As professionals in the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes get wedged into jobs that aren’t necessarily our normal, everyday tasks. Would you ever guess, on a Thursday afternoon, that you’d turn the corner at Brighton to find a few of us cutting 5,000 balloon strings? We didn’t either, but we took on the task to get the job done. read more