Let’s Welcome Steve and Bryan

by on 3.25.2014 posted in Company News

There are a few fresh faces around the office. The new VP of Public Relations and Content and the new Multimedia Producer have a lot on their plates — but they indulged me with tales of their pasts and how they got to Brighton. Read on!

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Get to Know a New Brightonian

by on 2.18.2014 posted in Company News

Brighton recently added a member to the Production team. As busy as he’s been from day one, I had the chance to ask John a few questions about himself. Take a moment to read this Q&A and welcome John to Brighton!

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New Year, New Senior Web Developer

by on 1.14.2014 posted in Company News

As we welcome 2014, let’s also welcome Cody Frazer to the Brighton family. Read on and get to know Cody!

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Brighton Welcomes Jean and Shannon

by on 12.17.2013 posted in Company News

We are excited to announce the addition of Jean Greene and Shannon DePalma to our growing team! Although these ladies have been busy from the get-go, they were able to squeeze in a Q&A and tell me a bit about themselves and how they came to Brighton.

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Meet Mike and Marty

by on 12.3.2013 posted in Company News

Today we introduce two of our newest Brightonians, Mike and Marty. Get to know each of them and the experience and talents they bring to the agency!

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The Brighton Thanksgiving Meal Showdown

by on 11.27.2013 posted in Company News, Trends + Surveys

If you spend just a few minutes on the Brighton Facebook page, it’s pretty clear Brightonians enjoy  love food. We find any reason we can to bring in baked goods, buffalo chicken dip, chili, hot dogs- you name it. In fact, we already celebrated our own “Brightgiving” feast this week (yum!). read more

The Leaves are Changing, and so is Brighton!

by on 10.8.2013 posted in Company News

Brighton welcomes two new team members, one to join the Pet Care Team and the other to join the Production Team. Read on to learn a thing or two about Jessika and Gail!

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New Faces Left and Right!

by on 9.17.2013 posted in Company News

Brighton would like to introduce four new faces around the office! Get to know an Account Director, Production Artist, Multi-Media Producer, and Intern.

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Insight on Collaboration

by on 8.13.2013 posted in Company News

As I was sitting through internship orientation on June 5th, Ali, the Director of Finance, told us that the room we were sitting in had been booked for the next eight weeks to serve as our “Intern War Room.” I shrugged it off. I was more excited by the prospect of my own desk: I thought this was the ultimate symbol of a “real world job.” On that first day, however, the four of us then gathered around the conference table in that same room to assemble media kits. Little did I know, this initial collaboration in the room, Insight, would be indicative of the next three months. read more

Meet Our New Online Marketing Specialist

by on 8.6.2013 posted in Company News

This week, we introduce Kate Roustio, our newest member to the Online Marketing Team! Read on to learn about Kate and what she brings to Brighton. read more