Creativity: Everything has already been done, right?

by on 9.10.2014 posted in Creative

Designers, or anyone working in a creative field, are always striving to create innovative content. Creating original thoughts and perspectives for our clients is like chasing down a Yeti. We all stumble and sometimes have the proverbial writer’s block, but we continue to plug away looking for some creative glimmer to finally work its way through the not-so-creative muck. So, how do we keep creating in the face of the old saying that “everything has already been done”? Staying fresh and inspired is always a challenge. read more

Videos – The Hardest Worker in Your Content Marketing Plan

by on 9.2.2014 posted in Creative, Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

I think we can all agree that creating engaging video content is vital to reaching your current and new customers, and should be incorporated into any brand’s marketing mix. Most people are aware that YouTube is the No. 2 search engine in the world and wins more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. (Source: YouTube). read more

Super Bowl XLVIII Ads: A Round-Up of the Best and Worst

by on 2.3.2014 posted in Advertising, Creative, Trends + Surveys

I think this was the year that Super Bowl ads jumped the shark. We finally saw spots that just didn’t live up to the hype. Yes, there were good ones, a few very good ones and a lot of wastes of $4 million. Because most of these spots either didn’t understand what a platform of 100 million viewers could do for them, or were no better than any ordinary spot tucked into an episode of NCIS. If I’m right, we can use the commercial breaks next year to use the bathroom or get more food instead of missing the game for fear of missing a great spot.

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Writer’s Block: A Cheat Sheet

by on 11.14.2013 posted in Creative

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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Bring a Piece of Home With You

by on 10.29.2013 posted in Creative, Trends + Surveys

It’s said that people spend approximately 30 percent of their lives at work. That is a lot of time away spent from family and home. Luckily, many workplaces today don’t resemble the bland work environments of yesterday—particularly not Brighton. When we moved into our new space in January, we were greeted with bare walls ready to be personalized with homages to the industries we serve, photos of family and friends and interests we hold close to our hearts.

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Rolling out “Maker’s Mark”

by on 7.10.2013 posted in Company News, Creative

This Thursday, July 11, Coolfire Media will host a derby race that has agencies around the city revving their engines—ourselves at Brighton included. The WHITTLEMANIA 6th Annual CFM Pinewood Derby mimics traditional Boy Scout pinewood derby races, with both a Racing category and Show Car category. Brighton’s very own Patrick Shannon has undertaken the latter. read more

Advertising is the art of persuasion. So is getting ultra-talented ad people to work for free.

by on 4.2.2013 posted in Advertising, Creative

ready+willing is currently recruiting team members for six new projects. read more

eBay rebrands and says goodbye to history

by on 9.14.2012 posted in Advertising, Brand Development, Creative

First things first, the main course, eBay’s new logo: read more

Brighton: One of the most pleasant well-oiled machines on earth

by on 7.10.2012 posted in Company News, Creative

I’m sitting here trying to think of how to tell you what I feel about Brighton and my time here so far. All I can think of is, “Brighton is awesome.” Not the most eloquent statement, but a truthful one. read more

The Importance of Creative Execution

by on 11.22.2011 posted in Company News, Creative

Solid strategy can take a brand only so far. It’s how you execute that strategy that will make the difference in the end. After all, customers don’t see a strategy, per se. They see the results of how a strategy is communicated, whether it’s in the form of an ad, collateral, a commercial, a direct mail piece, or a website. read more