Videos – The Hardest Worker in Your Content Marketing Plan

by on 9.2.2014 posted in Creative, Interactive Marketing, Trends + Surveys

I think we can all agree that creating engaging video content is vital to reaching your current and new customers, and should be incorporated into any brand’s marketing mix. Most people are aware that YouTube is the No. 2 search engine in the world and wins more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. (Source: YouTube). read more

Back to the Good Ole Days™

by on 5.28.2013 posted in Interactive Marketing

A couple of weeks ago news of Amy’s Baking Company, a Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant, broke as the owners showed the world what not to do when it comes to social media. read more

What’s new in social?

by on 3.12.2013 posted in Interactive Marketing

If you work within the digital industry, you know that platforms and networks are constantly evolving, especially when it comes to social media. read more

Re-marketing. Is it right for your brand?

by on 1.23.2013 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

I had a serious Jimmy John’s craving for lunch yesterday. Conveniently, the freaky fast sub shop has a simple online order form which allows me to get it done in 5 minutes, with no misunderstandings over the phone. Just one day later, while searching online and reading news articles, I realize I’m being tracked down by Jimmy John’s with online ads.  The sad thing is it was working. I was definitely the target audience because my mouth was, again, watering for the Turkey Tom sub and salt & vinegar chips. read more

Help I Have the Flu – New App Helps Identify Flu Carriers

by on 1.8.2013 posted in Interactive Marketing

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Help Remedies, an over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare company dedicated to providing consumers with basic medications, and Tool of North American have developed an app for Facebook. Help I Have the Flu analyzes your friends through their keywords, posts and check-ins to determine who could be the flu culprit. Once you have this vital piece of information, you can track them down to let them know the damage they have or might bestowed on you. This app also allows you to message the friend directly and send them your thoughts! (If I find out a friend gave me the flu, my message might not be so “friendly…”) read more

Social Media in the Music City

by on 11.13.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

If you haven’t seen ABC’s new drama Nashville, you are missing out.  The show stars Connie Britton (Spin City, Friday Night Lights), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Scream 4) and a slew of incredibly talented actors and musicians.  And just like the city itself, Nashville features more than just country music. read more

Every Four Years…

by on 11.6.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

It’s Election Day, have you voted? Whether or not you do so is up to you, but one thing is for certain, the whole world will be watching to see who is elected the next President of the United States. read more

Sandy Gets Social: How the World Wide Web has responded to Hurricane Sandy

by on 10.30.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

While following Hurricane Sandy, I’ve kept an eye on all things social surrounding the Superstorm. Below you’ll see some helpful, and some not so helpful, happenings that have received attention in past 24 hours. read more

Interactive Inducts New Team Member

by on 10.26.2012 posted in Company News, Interactive Marketing

We’re pretty tightfisted about our interactive team here at Brighton, but low and behold, we welcomed a new member to the team. Between Rob and Robb, Dave and David, and our two Lizzy’s, we now have two Gennaria’s. Yes, brothers. They’re a notable pair. Get to know Ben Gennaria! read more

Just Another Social Media Infographic? Well, Sort Of…

by on 10.9.2012 posted in Interactive Marketing

While thousands of new infographics pop up daily, this morning I came across what I thought was just another social media infographic. Don’t get me wrong, most infographics seem to have great facts and figures, but this one was a little different. read more