“I’ve got this big blob of stuff…”

by on 9.30.2014 posted in Strategic Planning

In farm magazines popular when I was a young editor, one of the most-read features was the recipe page, with its eye-catching photo of a mouth-watering, homemade dish, followed by detailed directions to achieve the culinary masterpiece. read more

NAMA Bootcamp 2013

by on 8.28.2013 posted in Brand Development, Strategic Planning

As one of the sustaining partners of the National Agri-Marketing Association, Brighton recently took part in NAMA’s 10th Annual Boot Camp in Kansas City, Mo. The purpose of the event is to welcome those of us who are fairly new to the “Ag World” and to help us become better in our positions. read more

Timing is everything

by on 4.17.2012 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

It’s all about timing. The right timing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my career—and my life—it’s that the proper timing of anything is crucial. In our business, that can mean anything from knowing the right time to speak in a meeting to knowing the best time to reach out to customers (and the times when silence is a better option). Or realizing that sometimes, the time to “do something” is never. read more

Harvest Musings

by on 9.27.2011 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

I was sitting outside a few weeks ago when the temperatures were in the mid-70s, despite the calendar noting that we were in the ides of August. The mild weather reminded me that in only a few weeks farmers will begin earnestly gathering the fruits of their labor.

read more

No Need to Panic. … We Have a Plan

by on 5.11.2011 posted in Public Relations, Strategic Planning

Having the ability to think and react quickly when the need arises is good, but any professional PR person can tell you horror stories about executives who mistakenly thought they didn’t need a crisis communications plan. read more

RFPs: Respond With What’s Correct, Not Just What’s Expected

by on 1.25.2011 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

Marketing is cyclical, and that will probably never change. Depending on your location, the time of each cycle may be different, but at some point in every large market, every agency and client partnership goes through the same process: A client realizes how much they are paying agencies, thinks it’s too much, and decides to take things elsewhere. read more

What does 2011 have in store… for the pet industry?

by on 1.5.2011 posted in Strategic Planning, Trends + Surveys

At Brighton, it’s our business to know our clients’ businesses. Having multiple clients in the pet market, we must always have our finger on the pulse of this ever-growing and exciting industry. read more

A New Season of Opportunities

by on 2.23.2010 posted in Company News, Strategic Planning

Even with dots of snow stubbornly clinging to the lawn outside, the generally warmer temps and falling liquid rather than frozen precipitation today reminds me that another more pleasant season approaches. As someone who has worked with agriculture for almost 30 years, it’s a time of building excitement and anticipation. The slate from the previous season is wiped clean and new opportunities and challenges loom. What the season holds, no one knows. And that’s part of the allure. read more