What it Means to Work in Ag

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This is all still so new to me; the big city thing, that is. I grew up on a family farm about an hour northwest of St. Louis. In fact, prior to attending college at Mizzou, I rarely left the farm or my hometown of Silex, which has less than 200 people. I am fortunate I have a job in the city that allows me to work closely with farmers every day. But before I am a public relations professional, I’ll always be a farmer. read more

The Short List

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While my title may seem fairly straightforward — “proofreader” usually requires no explanation — my work can be quite complex at times. As a Brighton Agency proofreader, my job is very important. Not only do I proof for grammar, typographical and spelling errors, I also ensure that all copy is consistent with AP Style and that the proper legal and trademark symbols are included. In addition, each brand tends to have its own unique way of doing things and its own style guide.

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4th of July Celebrations in St. Louis

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Tomorrow is America’s birthday and St. Louis is ready to keep you and your family busy with a never ending list of ways to celebrate this exciting holiday. read more