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Super Bowl XLVIII Ads: A Round-Up of the Best and Worst

by on 2.3.2014 posted in Advertising, Creative, Trends + Surveys

I think this was the year that Super Bowl ads jumped the shark. We finally saw spots that just didn’t live up to the hype. Yes, there were good ones, a few very good ones and a lot of wastes of $4 million. Because most of these spots either didn’t understand what a platform of 100 million viewers could do for them, or were no better than any ordinary spot tucked into an episode of NCIS. If I’m right, we can use the commercial breaks next year to use the bathroom or get more food instead of missing the game for fear of missing a great spot.

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Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Ads?

by on 1.30.2014 posted in Advertising

Well it seems that 2014 is the year of the pre-release when it comes to our beloved Super Bowl ads. More and more companies have opted to not only pay the big bucks for the television spots to reach their viewers, but to pre-release their ads before Sunday’s game using social media.

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I May Have Been Standing When I Typed This (My Standing Desk Experience)

by on 1.27.2014 posted in Promotions, Trends + Surveys

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician. You should definitely consult with yours about any health issues. This blog post is not intended as medical advice nor a product endorsement.

I decided one of my 2014 adventures would be to try a standing desk.

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What it Means to Work in Ag

by on 1.21.2014 posted in Public Relations, Uncategorized

This is all still so new to me; the big city thing, that is. I grew up on a family farm about an hour northwest of St. Louis. In fact, prior to attending college at Mizzou, I rarely left the farm or my hometown of Silex, which has less than 200 people. I am fortunate I have a job in the city that allows me to work closely with farmers every day. But before I am a public relations professional, I’ll always be a farmer. read more

New Year, New Senior Web Developer

by on 1.14.2014 posted in Company News

As we welcome 2014, let’s also welcome Cody Frazer to the Brighton family. Read on and get to know Cody!

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Brighton Welcomes Jean and Shannon

by on 12.17.2013 posted in Company News

We are excited to announce the addition of Jean Greene and Shannon DePalma to our growing team! Although these ladies have been busy from the get-go, they were able to squeeze in a Q&A and tell me a bit about themselves and how they came to Brighton.

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Do Your Email Subject Lines Follow These 5 Best Practices?

by on 12.10.2013 posted in Advertising, Promotions, Trends + Surveys

Cyber Monday has come and gone and my inbox (and wallet) are trying to recover. I have a love/hate relationship with this “holiday.” On one hand, what’s better than an amazing bargain from the comfort of your home? On the other hand, I have to resist temptation from the hundreds of promotional emails with “THE BEST SALE OF THE YEAR” that shout at me from my inbox.

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Meet Mike and Marty

by on 12.3.2013 posted in Company News

Today we introduce two of our newest Brightonians, Mike and Marty. Get to know each of them and the experience and talents they bring to the agency!

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The Brighton Thanksgiving Meal Showdown

by on 11.27.2013 posted in Company News, Trends + Surveys

If you spend just a few minutes on the Brighton Facebook page, it’s pretty clear Brightonians enjoy  love food. We find any reason we can to bring in baked goods, buffalo chicken dip, chili, hot dogs- you name it. In fact, we already celebrated our own “Brightgiving” feast this week (yum!). read more

Writer’s Block: A Cheat Sheet

by on 11.14.2013 posted in Creative

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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