Brighton Agency

Serge Traylor

Account Director

Crowd favorite. Clients love him, we love him and you'll love him too. Can talk to anybody about anything. You learn to make conversation when your name is constantly mispronounced (it's a long "a" in the middle). Goes by "Steve Taylor" at restaurants to avoid the confusion. Named after NHL legend Serge Savard. His hockey career didn't last quite as long, but he made a name for himself in other ways. Co-founded the Missouri State chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. Craziest story that's safe for the internet is the fact that he joined at all. Former shy guy turned outgoing adventurer, he interned at Disney World as an attractions host on Tom Sawyer Island. If you're lost, he can show you "The Disney Way." Loves baseball so much, he's seen every stadium in the country. As a Cardinals fan, hates to admit that Wrigley Field is the best. Here at Brighton, it's best to follow Serge's voice of reason. It's always sound, and it sounds pretty good, too.


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